Young Explainers are 16-18 year olds with an interest in Science and Engineering who also enjoy art and design. Responsibilities of a young explainer are to create exhibits and hands on activities for the festival, explain the science and technology behind the event and interview visitors to collect feedback.

My name is Roisin and I am a young explainer at this year’s SMASHfestUK: FLOOD! 2018. I heard about this opportunity through my school and, since then, I meet up once a week with other young explainers from my school. For this festival, we are focusing on three topics: Living in Space, Combustion and Water Rockets. As a team, we discuss ideas and aspects of the topic we want to explain and create an interactive presentation for the event.

As a young explainer I have been given new opportunities to lear and develop new skills. Working to create an exhibition from scratch for the festival is something I haven’t done before, and is a big responsibility. You have to work as a team with the other young explainers to assign roles best fit to their skills and take into consideration everyone’s ideas to create a successful event. Time management is key. I have had to research, develop ideas and made sure the showcase is clear and relevant to the target audience, young children and parents.

To sign up and help volunteer at SMASHfestUK FLOOD! 2018 event you can click here or visit the Get Involved page on our website!