We thought this idea made a lot of sense, and worked on many levels, but we wanted to be sure. So, we contacted and started working with organization and individuals.

With groups active in the community, such as The Stephen Lawrence Trust and Jimmy Mizen Foundation.

With influential organisations such as The Royal Institution, The British Library, STEMNET and The British Science Association.

With funding bodies, such as the Wellcome Trust and The Physiological Society.

With HE institutions, such as Middlesex University and Imperial College.

With lots of amazing individuals working in STEM areas, and in STEM communications. They all agreed it was a powerful and timely idea, that added significantly to the mix of initiatives exploring the issues of equality and diversity in STEM. They dived in with loads of help – expertise, content, equipment, volunteers, facilities and seed funding were all offered…and gladly accepted. The organisations and individuals stuck with us as partners, our advisory board and as performers/volunteer staff. Have a look on the Partners page on the main web site.