There’s a world of stuff to find out and try out. We’ve been working with amazing organisations, and they (and the wider Web) have all sorts of help and ideas available if you are thinking about getting involved in Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths or Medicine (STEM) subjects.

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The Royal Institution

The Royal Observatory, Greenwich

TED Talks
(Science and Medicine):

TED Talks

Girls in STEM



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Wellcome Trust

Education Resources:

The Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust

Middlesex University


The British Library


The Institute of Physics

The Physiological Society

The Royal Society


Summer Science Exhibition:

Engineers Without Borders

Lewisham Council


The Society of Biology


STEM Graduates – Careers



Learn Things Yourself

Learn to code


Khan Academy – learn anything

Make anything

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Science Museum

Science Museum Events:

Science and Technology Facilities Council Resources

Astro-pi Your Code in Space